Samyar Mehr Akam

Samyar Mehr Akam is one of the pioneers of official authorities in the field of online buying and selling of all kinds of steel, construction and industrial products. Samyar’s iron expert team brings you the shopping experience with the lowest price and the best quality. Due to the increasing development of technology in industries and the presence of many competitors, relying on the records of cooperation with numerous and reliable collections in our dear Iran, we decided to put honesty in speech, speed, action and commitment at the top of our affairs. And to record the honor of satisfying customers in our record

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Purchase Request

Communication with sales advisors for consultation & purchase by calling 021-77555502 or uploading a request on the site

Invoice Issuance

About 15 minutes after the consultation, the sales experts will send the proforma invoice, & if the request is time-consuming, you will be notified immediately.

How To Settle

Based on the provisions of the proforma invoice and the agreement reached, the settlement is done in cash or credit.

Quality Control

The goods are carefully inspected by quality control experts, & if approved, a loading permit is issued

Loading & Transporting Commodity

The quality approved goods are sent to the destination after loading based on the approved rate

Issuing an Official Invoice

After determining the exact value of your purchase, the final settlement is made & the official invoice of your purchase is printed & sent

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